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Summer Schools

Summer Schools – Costumes, Lights, Action!

Commonly known as the best week of the summer holidays, the children are instantly engaged with casting, rehearsing and finally performing the songs, dances and drama that they have learned throughout the week.

The children work and play hard each day, learning new skills, developing existing ones, whilst strengthening and creating friendships.

This year summer school will separate older and younger children. 

Summer School for Juniors is for children aged from 8 years old up to and including                                                                children in Year 7 at school

Summer School for Seniors is for children in Year 7 and above.

We have our own children and lots of experience of working with many many other children! We know that some children in Year 7 will be more comfortable working in the Junior Group, whilst others will be more comfortable in the Seniors - and others will love doing both! This is why they have the option of either group - feel free to give us a ring to talk about it!


Curtain Up Summer School for Juniors (Year 3 to 7 inc*)


Dates      29th July to 2nd August 2019

Venue     Hayesfield  LOWER School, Oldfield Park, Bath

Times      Monday  to Thursday 9am to 4pm

                  Friday 9am to 6pm

                 The performance is free for all to see and will begin at 5pm on the Friday.

Cost       £140 per child, Additional  Siblings £100



Curtain Up Summer School for Seniors (Year 7 to 13* inc)


Dates 29th July to 2nd August evenings only AND 5th August - 10th August 2019.

            This show will take 2 weeks to create.....but it will be worth it!

Venue  Hayesfield LOWER School, Oldfield Park, Bath

Times Week 1 Monday to Friday 6pm to 9pm

Times Week 2 Monday to Thursday 9am to 4pm, Friday 9am to 10pm, Saturday 1pm to 10pm

Performance Tickets  for performances on Friday and Saturday will  available via Ticketsource 


Cost      £200 per child, Additional  Siblings £140


Don’t forget…..

You will need to bring plenty to eat and drink. You will need to wear clothes suitable for lots of movement – so jeans and skirts are no good and not permitted. Jazz shoes are preferable, but light weight trainers or pumps will be fine – just don’t wear flip flops, sandals or boots as you can’t dance in them!

We will provide as much costume as we can, but you may be asked to provide simple everyday items.

How to Apply

Please call us or email us and we will send you an application form.


* Year group as at 1st July 2019


Summer school stories are often written specifically for Curtain Up – one year we performed St Tristian's. It really was fantastic fun - you could say it was a bit of a riot...... as you can see from the video clip below....

St Tristian's Week 1 from Sarah Carter on Vimeo.

St Tristian's meets the Men in Black at Curtain Up Theatre School summer school 2012, the kids loved making this dramatic footage for the public performance.


A Glimpse of what we got up to in previous years!




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High School Musical 2 Group Photos (20 images)

The lovely group of musical theatre lovers who joined us this year!

Created: 5 Aug 15 23:11 | Last modified: 5 Aug 15 23:14

High School Musical 2 Dress Rehearsal Shots (79 images)

Following the success of High School Musical 1 last year, we created Disney's High School Musical 2 this year! In true Curtain Up style we produced the entire show in just 5 days! In full costume, make up, with lights, microphones and a set we performed to a delighted full house audience. "Fabulous!" as Sharpay would say!

Created: 5 Aug 15 22:18 | Last modified: 5 Aug 15 23:06

Peter Pan Magical Mayhem! (32 images)

Mermaids, Fairies, Lost Boys, Pirates and fun!

Created: 29 Jul 15 09:38 | Last modified: 29 Jul 15 09:46

Peter Pan Jr - Junior Summer School July 2015 (112 images)

We created this entire Disney show in just one week! Mermaids, Fairies, Pirates, Indians, Lost Boys, Hook, Peter Pan and of course a crocodile!

Created: 29 Jul 15 08:56 | Last modified: 29 Jul 15 09:07

Blueprints Summer School 2014 (104 images)

We created a summer school musical theatre production of Blueprints in just 5 days! Our performance was full of singing, dancing and acting with lots of fun and enjoyment!

Created: 7 Aug 14 14:57 | Last modified: 7 Aug 14 15:12

Summer Schools from Years Gone By (22 images)

So many lovely memories, so many fantastic laughs and fun. It has been such a privilege to watch children coming back for Summer School year after year and seeing them grow and develop their friendship groups, skills, confidence and talents!

Created: 7 May 14 13:16 | Last modified: 7 May 14 13:25

Summer School 2013 (16 images)

We had a fantastic time last year - really looking forward to this years summer schools!

Created: 30 Apr 14 20:24 | Last modified: 30 Apr 14 20:26