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The Curtain Up Theatre School

'Role' of Honour

We choose one student from each school at the end of the summer term to receive the award of Student of the Year.

The person chosen demonstrates to us outstanding qualities throughout the year that are vital not only to an exceptional performer, such as determination and enthusiasm, but also those qualities seen in role models of Curtain Up, such as a caring attitude and a willingness to learn and progress.

Many congratulations to all our recipients! We are very proud of  you and hope that you will continue to strive to reach higher and higher goals whether you are still with us a student or in your adult lives.

Melksham School                           Bath 9.30am School

                                                                        2016  Who??

2015 Josie Hansford-Holt                                    2016 Ellie Harbinson

2014 Ana Wilson                                                2014 Hannah Twine

2013 Elie Obara                                       2013 George Miles

2012 Mia Macleod                                              2012 Abi Prater

2011 Flora Nisbet                                               2011 Grace Sessions

2010 Katy-Jo Close                                            2010 Alex Moore

2009 Claire Roberts                                            2009 Emily Hill

2008 Helen Marles                                             2008 Tom Robertson

2007 Rachel Bewley                                           2007 Robyn Smith

2006 Morgan Masson                                         2006 David Emery

2005 Emily Sherborne                                        2005 Grace Hodgkinson

                                                                        2004 James Lloyd


Bath 10.00am School                      Bath 10.30am School

2016 Who?                                                        2016 Who?

2015 Amy Wood                                                 2015 Anya Hathaway

2014 Lizzie Daniels                                             2014 Maisy Morris-Davies

2013 Edward Teasdale                                2013 Finley Hodges

2012 Kay McLauchlan                                         2012 Helen Clegg  

2011 Imogen Murray                                           2011 Christian McCormick

2010 Maisie Carter                                             2010 James Smith

2009 Georgie Hawke                                         

2008 Serafina Collier

2007 Eleanor Jones

2006 Lucy Sutton-Fricker

2005 Harriet Moss

2004 Emma Hole

            Bath's Leading Theatre School since 2004 for children aged from 4 years old

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