Curtain Up - High School Musical 2 - July 2015
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High School Musical 2

 July 2015


The second week of our summer school this year saw the creation of an entirely separate production to the first week. Bath's Musical Theatre lovers joined us to rehearse and perform a fully staged production of Disney's High School Musical 2.

It was, as Sharpay would say, "FABULOUS!"

 Sharpay & Ryan


In the same way as the Junior Production of Peter Pan was created the week before, the talented students learnt the entire script, all the dances and all the songs in just 4 days.


The cast had a "tech run" and a dress rehearsal on the Friday and performed to a full house audience at 5pm that day. A fantastic achievement and something for all to be incredibly proud of.

Curtain Up training at it's very best!

Well done to all who took part and thank you to our team who helped us bring the students' dreams to life.

We hope you enjoy the memories here, as much as we enjoyed making them.

2016 here we come.....let's hope we will have stopped singing the songs by then!


High School Musical 2 Group Photos (20 images)

The lovely group of musical theatre lovers who joined us this year!

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High School Musical 2 Dress Rehearsal Shots (79 images)

Following the success of High School Musical 1 last year, we created Disney's High School Musical 2 this year! In true Curtain Up style we produced the entire show in just 5 days! In full costume, make up, with lights, microphones and a set we performed to a delighted full house audience. "Fabulous!" as Sharpay would say!

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