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Oliver! Easter 2017 (55 images)

We were honoured to collaborate with renowned Bath Light Operatic Group (BLOG) to create the classic Oliver! A cast aged from 7 years old to over 70 years old, age saw no boundaries and we worked and laughed together as a superb team. Thank you BLOG for such a fantastic opportunity! Photo credits to Nick Feierabend, with our thanks

Created: 25 Apr 17 22:33 | Last modified: 25 Apr 17 22:45

Me and My Girl (22 images)

We had many months of fun creating this stunning production - in fact we laughed so much we wondered how we managed to create a production! Most of our cast learnt to tap dance for the show and all of them learnt how to play the spoons! The result was an excellent production telling the tale of the unapologetic Cockney Bill Snibson, his Cockney Girl, Sally Smith and their encounters with the elite Hareford Family. Thank you to all who helped us create the shows, what an amazing experience the cast all had and their families were quite rightly incredibly proud! All photo credits to Nick Spratling, with our thanks!

Created: 25 Apr 17 21:45 | Last modified: 25 Apr 17 21:57

Me and My Girl (0 images)

We had many months of fun creating this stunning production - in fact we laughed so much we wondered how we managed to create a production! Most of our cast learnt to tap dance for the show and all of them learnt how to play the spoons! The result was an excellent production telling the tale of the unapologetic Cockney Bill Snibson, his Cockney Girl, Sally Smith and their encounters with the elite Hareford Family. Thank you to all who helped us create the shows, what an amazing experience the cast all had and their families were quite rightly incredibly proud!

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Elf The Musical, performed December 2106 (13 images)

A stunning end of term performance from students aged from 4 to 18 years!

Created: 14 Dec 16 11:52 | Last modified: 14 Dec 16 11:54

End of term December 2016 (6 images)

Bethlehem Builders, Pandora's Box and Clever Devising

Created: 9 Dec 16 12:08 | Last modified: 9 Dec 16 12:09

Equilibrium July 2016 (24 images)

Equilibrium was written for us - it is a musical based on Shakespeare's The Tempest. We even teach four year olds about Shakespeare - never too young to learn! Thank you to Simon Lees Photography for our beautiful shots!

Created: 19 Sep 16 21:21 | Last modified: 19 Sep 16 21:26

Hot Mikado (44 images)

Our production of Hot Mikado was incredibly adventurous! It's not that well known and not often performed by youth groups, but we created performances that Gilbert & Sullivan would have been proud of! Well done to all the cast and crew - be very proud of yourselves!

Created: 11 May 16 07:58 | Last modified: 11 May 16 08:04

Les Miserables (43 images)

We produced a stunning production of Les Miserables! It was, in fact so good that we received FOUR nominations for the Rose Bowl Awards 2015. Congratulations to all the cast, crew and families involved.

Created: 15 Oct 15 11:53 | Last modified: 15 Oct 15 12:05

High School Musical 2 Group Photos (20 images)

The lovely group of musical theatre lovers who joined us this year!

Created: 5 Aug 15 23:11 | Last modified: 5 Aug 15 23:14

High School Musical 2 Dress Rehearsal Shots (79 images)

Following the success of High School Musical 1 last year, we created Disney's High School Musical 2 this year! In true Curtain Up style we produced the entire show in just 5 days! In full costume, make up, with lights, microphones and a set we performed to a delighted full house audience. "Fabulous!" as Sharpay would say!

Created: 5 Aug 15 22:18 | Last modified: 5 Aug 15 23:06

Peter Pan Magical Mayhem! (32 images)

Mermaids, Fairies, Lost Boys, Pirates and fun!

Created: 29 Jul 15 09:38 | Last modified: 29 Jul 15 09:46

Peter Pan Jr - Junior Summer School July 2015 (112 images)

We created this entire Disney show in just one week! Mermaids, Fairies, Pirates, Indians, Lost Boys, Hook, Peter Pan and of course a crocodile!

Created: 29 Jul 15 08:56 | Last modified: 29 Jul 15 09:07

Blueprints Summer School 2014 (104 images)

We created a summer school musical theatre production of Blueprints in just 5 days! Our performance was full of singing, dancing and acting with lots of fun and enjoyment!

Created: 7 Aug 14 14:57 | Last modified: 7 Aug 14 15:12

Summer Schools from Years Gone By (22 images)

So many lovely memories, so many fantastic laughs and fun. It has been such a privilege to watch children coming back for Summer School year after year and seeing them grow and develop their friendship groups, skills, confidence and talents!

Created: 7 May 14 13:16 | Last modified: 7 May 14 13:25

The Little Mermaid Jr (135 images)

Many congratulations to our amazing students - all under the age of 12 years old who performed like true professionals at The Mission Theatre, Bath during February Half Term

Created: 30 Apr 14 20:41 | Last modified: 30 Apr 14 20:58

Summer School 2013 (16 images)

We had a fantastic time last year - really looking forward to this years summer schools!

Created: 30 Apr 14 20:24 | Last modified: 30 Apr 14 20:26

The New Sixth - Children in Theatre (28 images)

The New Sixth students at St Gregory's Catholic College take part in training for Drama School Auditions and also investigate the different types of opportunities that Further Education can offer. Children in Theatre is one of the units for the Sixth Form students. It involves an understanding of the concepts involved and the physical demands of a performance designed specifically for children.

Created: 15 Jan 14 13:53 | Last modified: 15 Jan 14 14:08

Trip to Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama (4 images)

As part of the Year 12 course at St Gregory's Catholic College, we train students so that they are ready to audition for Drama School or Drama at University. A very important part of this is knowing where to study, so we take the students to visit Universities and Drama Schools so that they can see for themselves what student life would be like and what the course involves.

Created: 15 Oct 13 15:27 | Last modified: 15 Oct 13 15:29

A Bellagio Dream Summer School Week 1 July 2013 (78 images)

A brilliant production - full of songs, dances and acting. Rehearsed in 4 days performed on the 5th. All based on A Midsummer Night's Dream

Created: 5 Aug 13 14:36 | Last modified: 7 Aug 13 12:56

Wet Sponge Throwing (77 images)

To raise funds for Fame Jr, three of our teachers agreed to have wet sponges thrown at them! Thank you to them for being such good sports and thank you to all our students who took part.

Created: 18 Mar 13 14:24 | Last modified: 18 Mar 13 14:36

Annie Jr Part 2 Bath 9.30am School Dec 2012 (33 images)

More fun from our second dress rehearsal!

Created: 29 Dec 12 15:33 | Last modified: 29 Dec 12 15:38

Alice in Wonderland Jr - Team Carroll (76 images)

Photos from the Wonderful Team Carroll in their dress rehearsal of Alice in Wonderland Jr. Just amazing! Well done to you all!

Created: 22 Dec 12 12:11 | Last modified: 22 Dec 12 12:24

Alice in Wonderland Jr - Team Lewis (107 images)

These photos just say it all! We had a fabulous time creating Alice in Wonderland Jr. Enjoy some dress rehearsal shots from Team Lewis!

Created: 22 Dec 12 11:55 | Last modified: 22 Dec 12 12:09

Annie Jr Part 1 Bath 9.30am School Dec 2012 (54 images)

Our children from our 9.30am Bath school performed Annie Jr - masses of fun!

Created: 14 Dec 12 20:51 | Last modified: 14 Dec 12 21:04

Prologue Children Autumn 2012 (15 images)

Our lovely group of Curtain Up Prologue children! They are all little superstars and we loved watching you using the pom poms in Car Wash!

Created: 6 Nov 12 14:09 | Last modified: 6 Nov 12 14:15

Summer School August 2012 (15 images)

A fabulous summer school week! We sang, danced and acted our way through the week telling the story of the schoolgirls of St. Tristian's and their encounter with the Men in Black.

Created: 24 Aug 12 11:45 | Last modified: 24 Aug 12 11:56

St Tristian's Week 1 July 2012 Rehearsal shots (11 images)

A few more rehearsal photos from our week of great fun in the summer holidays.

Created: 6 Aug 12 18:10 | Last modified: 6 Aug 12 18:16

Performance at Her Majesty's Theatre, London. May 2008 (10 images)

We performed at Her Majesty's Theatre, London. Home of Phantom of the Opera. Lee Mead was in the audience and came to congratulate the children on their performance....and just happened to bring Ramin Karimloo with him! The screams of delight from the Curtain Up children were deafening! Lee and Ramin chatted to the children and signed autographs for them.

Created: 31 Jul 12 10:34 | Last modified: 31 Jul 12 10:40

Summer School Week1 2012 (14 images)

We created a show in a week, and lived up to our reputation of the "best week of the summer holidays!" The show was called St Tristian's and was the story of when the headmistress, staff and pupils of St Tristian's met the Men in Black.

Created: 28 Jul 12 11:31 | Last modified: 28 Jul 12 11:35

Summer School 2011 The Canterbury Tales (15 images)

We took the Canterbury Tales, shook them up and created a musical theatre production. It was great fun and we even managed a bit of audience participation on a poor unsuspecting member of the audience!

Created: 20 Jul 12 11:25 | Last modified: 20 Jul 12 11:27

The Bath Forum May 2012 (13 images)

We were asked to join in the Jubilee Celebrations and perform numbers from the 80's. We took the stage by storm, complete with some really bright costumes!

Created: 20 Jul 12 10:02 | Last modified: 20 Jul 12 10:04

2008 Bonekickers BBC (15 images)

Some of our students were chosen to film a night shoot for the BBC series Bonekickers. They played Iceni children fleeing from a burning village.The filming took place in a forest near Dyrham Park, very late at night and in the pouring rain. In fact it rained so much that although the children had spent hours in makeup so that they looked burned and scarred - filming was cancelled!

Created: 9 Jul 12 18:52 | Last modified: 9 Jul 12 18:58

2012 Prison Break (4 images)

Prison Break is a project raising money and awareness for a number of charities, including The Prison Reform Trust, Amnesty and Clean Break. Our Curtain Up students were chosen to play as criminals or prison warders in the cast.

Created: 2 Jul 12 18:44 | Last modified: 2 Jul 12 18:46

2012 Bath 10am End of Term (38 images)

Photographs of lovely songs and dances performed by the students at the 10am Bath School. Hold your heads high! You worked hard and were fantastic!

Created: 1 Jul 12 12:38 | Last modified: 1 Jul 12 12:43

2008 Summer Term (11 images)

Some classroom shots. Oh, how the children have grown!

Created: 28 Jun 12 08:13 | Last modified: 28 Jun 12 08:15

Graduation 2011 (2 images)

We were so proud that two of our first ever students graduated with degrees from East 15 School of Acting in 2011. Josh graduated with a BA Hons 1st Class in Acting and Tash with a BA Hons World Theatre. They are both acting for a living now and both have taught workshops for Curtain Up as guest tutors since graduating.

Created: 19 Jun 12 11:38 | Last modified: 19 Jun 12 11:40

2007 Equilibrium (11 images)

Curtain Up regularly perform a Whole School Performance at a theatre in Bath. This one was called Equilibrium.

Created: 18 Jun 12 18:04 | Last modified: 18 Jun 12 18:10

2007 Joseph - the supporting cast (3 images)

Curtain Up Theatre School was invited to provide children for Zenith's production of Joseph

Created: 18 Jun 12 17:51 | Last modified: 18 Jun 12 17:53

2009 Final rehearsals in the top room of Her Majesty's Theatre, London (19 images)

We took a group of students to perform in the home of The Phantom of The Opera. It took many rehearsals and many costumes, but the results were outstanding - the students were amazing!

Created: 13 Jun 12 09:15 | Last modified: 13 Jun 12 09:22

2007 Summer School Rock & Roll Mountain (10 images)

We hold summer school in two separate weeks in the summer holidays. A musical theatre show is written specifically for Curtain Up which allows all children to have a role and to sing, dance and act their way through a week of the summer holidays!

Created: 13 Jun 12 08:55 | Last modified: 13 Jun 12 08:57

Trip to see Wicked, June 2012 (9 images)

The Curtain Up Seniors took a trip to London. They went to the Victoria and Albert Musuem (tried on a few costumes) and then on to see the smash hit musical WICKED!

Created: 11 Jun 12 20:01 | Last modified: 11 Jun 12 20:05

2007 Curtain Up performs Aladdin at The Bath Forum (18 images)

The story of Aladdin cut down to 15 minutes and performed on stage at The Forum in Bath. We later took this performance to Her Majesty's Theatre in London.

Created: 9 Jun 12 09:49 | Last modified: 9 Jun 12 09:57

2006 (8 images)

Preparing for a show at Her Majesty's Theatre London and lessons in Melksham on a Friday night, many moons ago!

Created: 9 Jun 12 09:24 | Last modified: 9 Jun 12 09:28

2005 (19 images)

A few shots from many years ago! Lovely to see that we still have many of these students. Others have moved on and some are now Graduates in Drama from University or have trained and graduated from Drama Schools.

Created: 9 Jun 12 08:58 | Last modified: 9 Jun 12 09:08

Alice in Wonderland Set Build (58 images)

A glimpse into set building Curtain Up style! It may be true to say that some of the children put more paint on themselves than the set. However, a great time was had by all and the final set all looked fabulous. Thank you to everyone who helped!

Created: 7 Jun 12 19:18 | Last modified: 7 Jun 12 19:31

Alice In Wonderland (31 images)

Pre-show shots of the cast during rehearsals and during team building through out the rehearsal process.

Created: 16 Apr 12 22:24 | Last modified: 16 Apr 12 22:36