Curtain Up - Aims and Ethos
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Aims and Ethos                  Prologue

Award Winning Bath's Theatre School for children aged 4 to 18 years

We use drama, singing and dance to increase individual self-esteem and confidence whilst learning the basic principles of musical theatre performing.

At Curtain Up we believe that training in performing arts encourages children to develop their skills both on and off the stage. Children develop their imaginations; improve their vocal capabilities, communication skills and cognitive learning skills. Friendship circles are broadened which further strengthens social skills.

All the children have a singing, dancing and acting lesson which lasts just under an hour every week.  The children are separated in age groups. Each lesson is taught by a teacher who has trained and specialised in their subject.

We aim to put on a performance at the end of each term. The performances vary hugely, sometimes they are work in progress involving just the child’s age group, whilst other times the whole school is involved in one enormous show for all to watch.


"The always impressive Curtain Up Theatre School children"

P.Schofield  January,2013

Summer School week 1 2012